Fisher-Price soothing motion bassinet

The fisher-price soothing motion bassinet has everything to help babies to dream comfortable. It features soothing sways, sounds, music, calming vibrations and light projection to provide extra coziness.

Babies can get relax on the comfy sleeping pad while they sway and look the mobile with stars. The calming sway motion can be generated by you or by your baby.

Besides, this bassinet features a dual model lighting. You can choose soothing projection or a  night light to provide visibility if required during the night. The light projection unit can be removed to be used as a tabletop soother.

Fisher price soothing motion bassinet

The variety of soft textures, the calming and relaxing vibrations, music and sounds and the gentle swaying motion stimulate baby’s senses.

Additional features include deluxe overhead mobile with adorable, twinkly stars. Besides, the fisher-Price soothing motion bassinet features, comfy, flat sleeping surface, optional lock-out to minimize swaying motion. It also features mesh sides for breathability to make it easy to see the baby.

Moreover this bassinet includes an ample storage space to store all baby’s essentials.


  • Mattress
  • Light projector
  • Storage space underneath
  • Overhead mobile with stars


  • Product dimensions: 22.8 x 5.9 x 40 inches
  • Weight: 20 pounds


It is made of resin, metal, soft materials.

Product care

Spot clean only


It is an easy to assemble bassinet.



It can be used as a co-sleeper if you put the bassinet next to parents bed. The mesh sides allows you to see your baby easily.


Spot clean only

5_stars Design

It has a simple but a really beautiful design.

5_stars Safety

This co-sleeper has mesh sides so you dont’ have to worry about suffocation. It is the perfect solution to have your baby close but knowing that he is sleeping safely.

As most bassinets, use only with an infant unable to roll over or pull up on sides, whichever comes first.


It is a small co-sleeper and it is very lightweight so it is to move around the house. But if you want a bassinet to take it when travelling there are some better options.


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