Baby essentials

All essentials you will need when you have a baby

There are some baby essentials you might need to stay in the hospital. Appart from all baby essentials there are a few things moms need to be comfortable during their stay in the hospital. In this article we pretend to tell you what are the most important things you have to prepare to take to [...]

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During the first months of a baby is important to stay at home as much as possible to avoid illness. It is also important to avoid visitors with a cold or some kind of illness. You can ask visitors to wash their hands before touching your baby with a hand sanitizer[...]

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Must haves of babies between 2 and 3 months are quite different from the baby essentials of newborns. When babies reach 2 months, they are usually ready to go out, so you will need the right items to go out with him so that nothing catches you off guard.[...]

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Anyone may think that we do not have to worry about baby beauty, but when you have one you realize that the beauty of a child is more important than you think. [...]

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During summer time it is important to take special care of your baby protecting him from sun. It is important to protect him completely using sunglasses, hats, appropriate clothes and sunscreen. [...]

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