Bassinet sheet: Choosing the best sheet for your bassinet

There are a lot of types of sheets available and sometimes it is really difficult to find the perfect sheet. We offer a guide to be able to choose the best bassinet sheet for your bassinet. It is important to choose a good and comfortable sheet because with an uncomfortable one your baby can wakes up often.

Bassinet’s sheets are smaller sheets because they have to fits with bassinet’s mattress. It is important to have minimum two bassinet sheets, but we recommend to have three just in case you can’t wash it.

There are different types of bassinet sheets. They can be made from different materials but they can also  be made from the same material but sewn in a different weave.

Cotton bassinet sheet

Pure cotton sheets are breathable and allow air circulation around the baby. Using pure cotton sheets keeps baby cool in the warmer months although this kind of sheets can also be used with cooler wheather.

Besides, pure cotton is hypoallergenic so they are a good option if your baby is prone to allergies or skin irritations.

Moreover, cotton doesn’t pile or easily attract lint. They are very easy to wash and that makes maintenance very simple.

On the other hand, one of the main disadvantages is that they wrinkle easily. However if you don’t want to iron your bassinet sheets these wrinkles will disappear through use.

Finally, cotton sheets may be a little coarse at the beginning, but after a few washes the sheets will be soft up.

Polyester bassinet sheet

Polyester is a cheap material to manufacture. That’s why polyester sheets are cheaper than cotton sheets.

Besides, polyester is a flexible fiber and that means that it is tear resistant.

On the contrary polyester breathes less than cotton. It is suitable for cold weather because it is warm to touch and stay warm.

There are different types of quality from brand to brand so it is important to compare before buying sheets.

Flannel bassinet sheet

Flannel sheets are perfect for cold weather. They trapp heat and make you feel warm and toasty.

The material of flannel bassinet sheets are different from brand to brand but they may consist of cotton, wool and synthetic fiber.

They can get piled and they are not good for warm weather.

In the following chart you can see easily the pros and cons of each type of sheet in order to let you choose the best bassinet sheet for your baby:

Advantages Disadvantages
Cotton  Breathable and hypoallergenic

Easy washable

Good for warm weather


Does not pill

 Wrinkles easily


More expensive

Polyester  Cheap

Tear resistant

Less prone to shrinking when washing

 Wrinkles easily

Different quality from brand to brand

Susceptible to pilling

Flannel  Warm

Light weight

Less prone to shrinking when washing

Not suitable for warm weather


Susceptible to pilling






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