Baby essentials – Infant car seat: safety features and advices

As car seats reduce risk of infant death it is really important to have a safe infant car seat. There are several features you may consider when buying one.

First of all you have to consider how much you can spend, and then you have to take in account if it fits in your car, in your stroller and it the car seat will grow with your baby.

The main important thing is to buy a safe car seat. A car seat is safe if it has the right size for your baby’s age and height and weight. Besides, it mus be installed correctly in the car. Harness straps must be at or bellow baby’s shoulders and the must be tight enough to can’t pinch the harness. Finally, the car seat must be reclined to a safe angle.

Infant car seat – Safety features and advices

  • Side impact protection: in most crashes the car hit from the side rather than the front so if you find a car seat that specifically advertises side impact protection it will be a good option.
  • 5 point harness: two waist straps, two shoulder straps and one between the legs. There are also car seats with 3 point harnesses but 5 point ones are safer. If the harness is easy to adjust it will better because then you’ll probably adjust it always.
  • Safest placement: by law, an infant car seat must be rear facing, although for older babies there are convertible car seats that allows to be front and rear facing. If you only have to use a car seat the safest place in most car is in the middle of the back seat. If you have to use to car seats then the sides will be ok.
  • Not all car seats fit in all cars so be sure that it fits before buying one.
  • Cleaning: seats made with smooth and or water-resistant fabrics will wipe clean more easily than seats with textured or absorbent fabric. A surprising number of car seats come with covers you can’t take off. A detachable, machine-washable cover makes cleanup much easier.
  • Used car seats: they might be damaged and may not be up to snuff when it comes to current safety regulations. If you do end of up selecting a used car seat, get it from someone you trust; also be sure to look up the seat’s expiration date and research if that particular model has ever been recalled.

Infant/Convertible/Booster car seat

Infant car seat

An infant car seat is lighter and it is easy portable. Besides it easily clips in and out the car and stroller. It is for babies until they are between 9 or 14 months old depending on baby’s height and weight. Most car seats advertise a high weight and height limit. Finally, infant car seats are always rear facing.

Reasons to buy an infant car seat:

  • Babies under six months can’t sit up on their own, and only a few strollers have the ability to fully recline the seat.
  • You canmove your baby without interrupting him sleeping.
  • Although infant car seats do click into bases, you can also install them using just a seat belt, making them easier to use in other’s cars.
  • Carrying the infant car seat around allows your baby has a cozy place to sleep when you are away from home.

Convertible car seat

Althoug you can use a convertible car seat more time, it is too heavy to take it away. Besides, it wont’ fit with your stroller.

Reasons to buy a convertible car seat:

  • You will save money because you don’t have to buy two items.
  • If your baby has no problems to sleep and you think that there will be no problem if you lift him from the car seat.
  • You’d rather wear your newborn in a carrier than carry a car seat or stroll them.
  • A rear-facing convertible car seat can be safer than a rear-facing infant seat for babies approaching a year old.

Booster car seat

Finally, a booster car seat are for older babies who are not tall enough to use the seat belt. Usually they can be used until the age of ten.

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