First years close and secure co sleeping bassinet

For first baby days co sleeping Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Harmony Portable Infant Louger is one of the best options to gives your baby a soft little own space while keeping him or her close to you.


Mums will love this co sleeper because they can soothe and feed his baby during the night without getting up from bed. Tall walls are lined with a soft, comfort-mesh for ample air circulation and breathabilty

This comfortable sleeper is easily portable and it can be used inside the crib to help your baby’s transition from your bed to his own crib.

With tall walls crafted with sturdy, vented plastic, your little one will have a safe place to lounge. The comfortable, yet firm mattress is covered in a soft sheet that can be machine washed, along with the Snuggle Nest’s cover.

It allows having your baby securely while sleeping in bed parents. It has soft sides but a firm design to prevent parents rollovers and limit baby’s movements. Features a soft, comfortable head-barrier and airflow cover with a hollow frame designed to minimize the risk of entrapment.

Diaper changes happen often, and everywhere. The Snuggle Nest provide a space for you to change your baby while they are fully surrounded by walls. With no fear of rolling or crawling away, diaper changes can happen quickly and effeciently.

A soft nightlight on the cover lets you see your little baby during the night if needed.



  • Vinyl-covered mattress
  • Removable sheet
  • Removable attachment for light and sounds with the five-level volume control and automatic shut-off


  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 16″L x 5″W x 30.5″T
  • Weight: 3 lbs


Sheet and airflow cover: Cotton, Polyester

Product care

Machine washable sheet and cover for easy maintenance


Very easy to assemble so it is easy portable



This sleeper is made to be used as a co-sleeper avoiding all risks associated with co-sleeping. It gives to your baby his own space while being arm’s reach because he is next to you. Being next to you will make easy to feed or soothe your newborn during the night without having to get up from bed.


Easy to clean because sheet and cover are both machine washable.


It has a simple and functional design.


This co-sleeper has breathable and soft mesh sides . The airflow design allows air to circulate around the baby to avoid baby getting too hot while sleeping.

At the foot there is a barrier to keep your baby from shifting outside the sleeping area.


It is great to also use as a travel bed.

This sleeper is conveniently portable. Handy, portable design that folds for storage and travel making it the perfect sleeper to use while traveling with your baby.

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