Bassinet weight – Best lightweight bassinets

One of the most important features to consider of a bassinet is its weight. In general, bassinets are thought to be easily portable so bassinet weight is an important factor.

If you are going to move very much the bassinet around the house or if you are going to travel with it, it is important to have a lightweight bassinet.

More lightweight bassinets

There are two kind of lightweight bassinets.

The first ones are very lightweight, usually between 3 and 6 lbs. They are intended to be used when parents travel a lot or when they visit their friends or family very often.

On the other hand, parents must use this kind of bassinet if they want to sleep with their baby between them in the same bed. Sleeping with a baby in the same bed is dangerous, so parents must always use a bassinet to avoid SIDS.

In the following chart there are the three more lightweight co-sleepers:

  Swaddle me by your side sleeper The first years close and secure sleeper Brica Fold N’ go travel bassinet
   swaddle me co-sleeper  co sleeping bassinet Fold bassinet
Weight  6 lbs  3 lbs 2,4 lbs


The second kind of lightweight bassinets are like little cribs but, as they are lightweight, parents can move them from room to room easier than a crib. That’s why, with this kind of bassinets babies can sleep comfortable in all the rooms of the house.

See in the following chart the three more lightweight bassinets:

  Delta children sweet beginning bassinet Babybjorn cradle Babyhome air bassinet
  Delta beginnings bassinet  Babybjorn Cradle  Babyhome air
Weight  10,5 lbs  13 lbs 13,2 lbs

Bassinet weight comparison chart

In the following comparison chart we offer the weight of each bassinet.

You may consider which one is the best for you depending on your needs. If you want to move very much the bassinet it is important to choose a lightweight one. On the other hand, if you don’t need to move the bassinet very much you can choose a heavier one.


Product Weight    
Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern  30 lbs    
Ninna Nanna Bassinet  30 lbs    
Babybjorn cradle  13 lbs    
Halo bassinet swivel sleeper bassinet  30 lbs    
Cariboo classic bassinet  30 lbs    
Summer infant bentwood bassinet  24 lbs    
Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard bassinet  16,85 lbs    
Graco Pack ‘n Play Element Playard  28,8 lbs    
Stokke sleepi system  56 lbs    
Babyhome air bassinet  13,2 lbs    
Summer infant classic comfort bassinet  22,7 lbs    
Kolcraft cuddle ‘n care 2-in-1 bassinet  22,5 lbs    
Delta children sweet beginning bassinet  10,5 lbs    
Chicco lullago travel crib  18 lbs    
Badger basket elite oval bassinet  26,9 lbs    
Dream on me lacy portable 2 in 1 bassinet  16 lbs    
Babybay bedside sleeper  32 lbs    
Arm’s reach concept co-sleeper bassinet  28,5 lbs    
Swaddle me by your side sleeper  6 lbs    
The first years close and secure sleeper  3 lbs    
Brica Fold N’ go travel bassinet  2,4 lbs    



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