Mom’s and baby essentials in the hospital

There are some baby essentials you might need to stay in the hospital. Appart from all baby essentials there are a few things moms need to be comfortable during their stay in the hospital. In this article we pretend to tell you what are the most important things you have to prepare to take to the hospital.

First of all ou must have preparee a suitcase with all the essentials waiting for your trip to the hospital. When the moment arrives you’ll only have to take the suitcase.

The main important things to take to the hospital are:

Baby essentials

  • An infant car-seat: If you are going to leave the hospital on car, you will need an infant car-seat. Don’t leave the hospital by car without it. There are different kinds of car seats you will have to choose the better depending on your needs.



  • Dresses for your newborn: you will need several outfit with room between baby’s legs. It is recommended to choose comfortable clothes not also for your baby, also to make easy changing diapers.



  • Cloth Wipes:  we recommend using the hospital’s gauze and water or getting a few packages of WaterWipes until transitional stool has passed and you are home with your washing machine.

Mom essentials

  • Clothing: to stay comfortable in the hospital you can change the hospital gown for more comfortable maternity clothes once your baby is born. Take in account that the top should be easily accessible if you want to breastfeed your baby. A buttoned shirt is a good solution.  Besides, the hospital will provide you with disposable maternity underwear, but it may be helpful to have a few pairs of cotton underwear.
    In addition, hospitals tend to put air conditioning, for this reason, it is important to have socks and a gown to be at ease. Moreover, non-slip and comfortable slippers for walking in the aisles during delivery and postpartum. Finally, a comfortable outfit your trip home is essential.



  • Personal care: There are some personal care items that will make your stay in the hospital better. You must take all your personal daily care items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, body lotion and a brush.
    Appart from this common items it is important to take a nipple balm. It is important because until your milk comes in, your baby is going to be latched onto you very much. A nipple balm softens skin to relieve pain from breastfeeding. Besides nipple balm, it is also recommended to use nursing pads to soak up breast milk leakage.


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