Baby beauty

Anyone may think that we do not have to worry about baby beauty, but when you have one you realize that the beauty of a child is more important than you think.

For example, it is important to take care of the baby’s nails, skin and hair because they are very delicate.

Here we offer you a list of the things that you have to take care of especially your baby.

Baby beauty – Manicure and pedicure

It is important to take care of your child’s nails because they are important for protecting our sensitive finger tips, relieving an itch and picking up objects. Neglecting your child’s nails can easily lead to injury or infection.

It is important to keep your babies’ nails short to prevent them from scratching their face or eyes.

Therefore, you must don’t forget their cuticles. Cuticles are the small little ribbons of skin at the base of the nail. They serve as an extra protective layer to prevent germs from entering into the nail bed. Children may like to  bite their cuticles, and this can cause an infection. 

Baby beauty – Hair care

It is also important to take care of baby’s hair although your baby has no hair.  No matter if you have a girl o a boy, you must take care of his hair with appropriate tools.

You should use shampoo even if your baby has no hair, if needed also use a conditioner or oil after shampoo. You have to comb hair and do haircuts when needed.

Baby beauty – Skin care

You should take care of your baby’s skin, above all if the skin is dry, sensitive or has some eczema. You should use special products make for infants because this products do not contain alcohols, deodorants or other ingredients than can damage baby’s delicate skin.

Baby beauty – Bath

It is important to bathe your newborn twice a week. The easiest way is using a bath tub or in the kitchen sink. You should use also special products because this contains non toxic ingredients.

Baby beauty – Complements

Finally, you will have to put in order all the complements you have bought for your baby so it is a good idea to buy an appropriate organizer to store all in order.

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