Mom’s essentials – Mom clothing and nightwear

Mom clothing is important to make your stay at the hospital more comfortable. For this reason, many moms prefer to change the hospital gown for their own maternity clothes. Using your own clothes will make you feel so much better than being in the hospital gown.

Mom clothing

Appart from preparing all baby’s products to take to hospital it is important to consider what you, as a mother, will need to make you feel better while staying at the hospital. Here we offer a list of some products that will make your stay at hospital better:


A jersey cotton robe, easy for nursing and comfy. Don’t forget to pack this fabulous robe in your hospital bag. You can feel stylish and still easily walk the halls of the maternity ward and feed your newborn in comfort. It is femenine and practical.
Your yoga pants and a T-shirt. Being in your own clothes at the hospital makes you feel so much better.
A comfy nightgown maybe is one of the best things to take to the hospital to make you feel really comfy. They allow easy access for breastfeeding and besides, there are no clips or snaps to let you sleep really comfortable.
Pajamas for the hospital although you can use them later at home. Look for ones that have a front opening, which made breastfeeding easier. Besides, they are discreet enough for nursing in front of company.
Loose-fitting and comfortable shirts.  A stylish top that can be wore at home or even in a night club will make you feel good.

Mom Footwear

Appart from clothing you have to think to wear comfortable footwear because your feet may be somewhat swollen after delivery. That’s why it is important to pack comfy shoes just in case. Slippers are maybe the best option. Moreover, it is also important to pack socks.

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