So Ro Contemporary Twin Bassinet in Walnut

This modern contemporary twin bassinet lets you gently rock your twins at once while providing them a safe and cozy sleeping bed. The curved bottom provides a smooth rocking motion.

It has a unique design while providing the highest quality and safety. The base is breathable to allow ventilation.

So Ro Contemporary Twin Cradle in Walnut

It includes a dividing wall to separate your twins when needed.

The so-ro twin bassinet is intended to generate a linear motion which soothes and comfort all kind of babies. It provides forward movement which is the most comfortable and soothing type of motion for a baby. Most cradles rock from side to side but the so-ro twin cradle provides a forward movement which is more similar to the rocking motion in their parent’s arms. This kind of rocking enables babies to feel more comfortable. With a very little effort the so-ro rocks in a stable manner.

It features three grades of head’s elevation so it helps to maintain a clear environment around your babies’ heads. This is very helpful when babies suffer colds.

It can be converted into a table when your baby grows up.


  • Two pads
  • Two fitted sheets
  • A dividing wall to separate babies when needed


  • Overall: 20.08″ (W) x 43″ (L) x 25″ (H)
  • Mattress size: 15.5″ (W) x 31″ (L) x 1″ (H)
  • Weight: 37.4 lbs



  • Core: made of plywood Baltic birch with American walnut
  • Frame: crafted of birch plywood
  • Mattress cover: 100% cotton


This bassinet has the virtue of being easy to assemble, disassemble and store.





This bassinet is not a co-sleeper but it can be put beside parent’s bed and parents can rock them easily without getting up from bed.


This is not a traditional bassinet, the stylish design makes it suitable for the bedroom at night and for the living room during the day.

It fits beautifully into a modern home.

Winner of the Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council.


This bassinet is designed in a safe manner. It will only turn when one end is lifted up. An adult can stand in the cradle without tipping the cradle over.

The co-ro twin bassinet has a breathable base to protect your babies and let their skin breathe.

The three grades  of elevation help to maintain a clear environment around babies’ head.


It is lightweight and it can be moved easily from bedroom to another room.

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