JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center

The joovy room2 twin nursery center is a practical accessory for the your Room2 playard (sold separately). It is very easy to intall and great for use with twins.  It features a large bassinet ready to hold twins up to 15 lbs each. A removable and zippable center divider zips into place to give each baby a separate napping area, this center divider can be removed easily.

Besides, the twin nursery center includes a changing table that supports a baby up to 25 lbs. The surface is removable, water resistant and machine washable so it is very easy to clean.

The changing table is removable and flips over the side of the Room 2 when not in use.

You may discontinue use of the twin nursery center when babies start to lift themselves up.



  • Changing table
  • Center divider

Recommended use

  • Maximum child weight: Two babies 15 lbs
  • Minimum child age: newborn


The twin nursery center divider is made of plastic encased in nylon.

Product care

The surface is water resistant and machine washable so it is a product very easy to clean.


  • Open size: 37.5 in
  • Bassinet size: 16.5 x 38 x 3 (W L H)
  • Depth bassinet:
    • With mattress: 13.5 in Depth
    • With no mattress: 15.5 in Depth





The playard is easy to move so parent can place it next to their bed. Although it is difficult to be next to both twins, this bassinet allows you to be next to them because it features a 360 degree rotation. It is the perfect solution to co sleep with your twins without being with then in parents bed.


As you can see, this twin bassinet is really beautiful. It fits with any nursery decor.


They are safe bassinets, besides a center divider is includes to ensure to both babies their own sleep area.


The twin nursery center is easy to move to anywhere around the house. Besides it can be easily removed from the playard so you can  use it  anywhere of your house.

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