Best ways to clear baby’s nose

While babies are too little to blow their noses you’ll have to clear their nose for them. For this reason you must be prepared and buy a nasal aspirator and nasal saline at least. In this post we explain the best ways to clear baby’s nose.

With a saline nasal spray

The only safe nasal spray to use with babies is a saltwater mist solution that you can find at a drug store or pharmacy. You must hold your baby upright and squirt on spray into each nostril. If any spray comes out of the nose, wipe it away gently with a tissue. Next, you must lay baby down for a minute with the head lower than the body to allow the salt water solution to loosen the thick secretions and to stimulate your baby to sneeze the mucus to the front of the nose. While doing this you must wait and be ready with your nasal aspirator to suck up the snot.

You can do your own salt water nose drop solution just adding a pinch of salt (no more than 1/4 teaspoon) to eight ounces of previously boiled water. Using a plastic eye dropper squirt a few drops into each nostril and finish with the direction above.

To avoid contamination of the saline solution, do not release the bulb while it is still in your baby’s nose. If you do it you’ll contaminate the saline solution with nasal secretions.

With a nasal aspirator

Be sure to buy one specially made for baby’s tiny nostrils. Squeeze the rubber bulb, then insert the plastic or rubber tip into baby’s nose firmly enough to form a seal, and slowly release, letting the suction draw out the mucus plugs. Repeat this process in each nostril 2 or 3 times or as often as your baby will tolerate. After each use, suck soap and water into aspirator and rinse well with plain water.

Steam clean

Thinning the secretions helps baby breath easier. Give baby extra fluids during the day and run a vaporizer while he sleeps to help thin secretions, making it easier for baby to sneeze or cough the mucus loose.

Another option is having a steam bath with your baby, by taking baby into the bathroom, close the door and turn on the hot water in the shower. But don’t go in the hot shower with your little one because the hot water can scald him. Steam helps open clogged breathing passages and drain secretions. This will help loosen the mucus in the nostrils.

Run a cool air humidifier

Most of us have the heat on in our homes during the winter months, and that dry air can stuff up a baby’s nose. Keeping a cool air humidifier going in her room while she sleeps can offer some relief and prevent stuffiness.

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