Babybjorn Bassinet

Babybjorn bassinet is a product developed in collaboration with pediatricians to ensure a safe product for child.

It is a modern designed bassinet with a stable construction that can be easily rock with hands or feet or even with child own movement.

Sides are made from soft and airy mesh fabric to allow the child breathe through even his face is close to the side. Mesh fabric sides and its low height make easy the supervision of the baby.

All fabrics are safe to child’s skin; textiles are free from health-hazardous substances and allergens.

It is very easy to move from one place to another as it is light and compact, that allows be near the child always.

Pads with protective anti-slides prevent moving and protect the floor.

The babybjorn bassinet includes a fitted mattress. We don’t recommend to use any other mattresses.

The product meets all safety requirements including those related to flame resistance. All are certified to a rigorous and international standard that prohibits the use of flame retardant chemicals in children products. The baby cradle is free from health-hazardous substances.

There’s no an age limit but approximately it is when the baby is 6 months old or its weight is 18lb/8kg. Nevertheless if baby can sit up, kneel or stand up you must stop using it.


Fitted sheet

The bassinet includes a soft and organic cotton sheet that fit the bassinet mattress. Its elastic edges ensure that the sheet lies flat and doesn’t slide around and lets be easily remove to wash.

Fabric is safe and it has been tested and approved to be free from health hazardous substances and allergens.



Made from a sheer mesh light fabric allows air circulation. Softens bright lights to allow the baby sleep undisturbed and it can be also used as a mosquito net.

It is easy to attach and easy to remove for washing, when you are not using it you can store it in a practical bag.
babybjorn bassinet        


Weight and dimensions

  • Weight: 13 lbs / 6Kg
  • Mattress: 14×28 in / 36×72 cm
  • Assembled: 21x31x26 in / 58x79x65 cm
  • Fold: 23x31x5 in / 5 cm
  • Fitted sheet: 14×28 in / 36×72 cm
  • Canopy weight: 0.8 lb / 0.4 Kg
  • Canopy dimensions: 26 in / 66 cm



  • Fabric (main, mesh and padding): 100% polyester
  • Legs: wood and steel
  • Feet: TPE plastic
  • Mattress: polyether foam
  • Fitted sheet: soft, organic cotton with an elastic band 100% natural rubber
  • Canopy: 100% polyester

Product care

You must wash separately with a gentle and bleach free detergent. Do not tumble dry.

  • Fitted sheet: can be easily removed and washed in the machine (hot, 60ºC).
  • Cradle fabric: machine washable (warm, 40ºC)
  • Mattress and cover: machine washable (hot, 60ºC)
  • Canopy: machine washable (warm, 40ºC)


The baby bassinet is easy to assemble; to assemble it you will need two screws and a key that are included.

Our rating

We consider babybjorn bassinet as one of the best bassinets you can use.

Co-sleep 5_stars

It is not very height so it fits perfect with most beds and that makes easy to reach the baby at night for feeding or just calming.

Cleaning 5_stars

Materials are safe and easy to clean.

Design 5_stars

It is a very simple but beautiful design. It fits everywhere as the style is very simple.

Safety 5_stars

Provides a safe own space for baby. It includes a thin and firm mattress. Besides, it also includes a sheet that fits perfect to the mattress.


It has not wheels but it is light weight so it is very easy to move around the house. However, if you want a bassinet to travel it is not as easy to pack as others.


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