Baby essentials – Newborn clothes

When having a baby you will need to think about newborn clothes you might need. You will have to buy several clothes because you may be have to change clothing several times a day. Besides, it is important to make sure that outfits ara easily opened for changing diapers several times a day.

In general you have to make sure that clothes are comfortable and soft and that they don’t have irritating seams or tags.

About the clothe’s size, it is impossible to know your baby’s size before he is borned, so you will have to buy a newborn size just in case. Don’t buy too much newborn size clothing because many babies outgrow quickly and some of them are larger and skip little sizes.

A good advice is to buy several sizes and return little sizes if you don’t need them.

The number of items of each kind of clothing depends on you, if you have several clothes you will avoid to do laundry everyday.

General advices

Avoid newborn clothes that wrap around your baby’s neck too tightly and those that have cords or ties. Be sure that ribbons, buttons, and decorative items are on securely. They can be a hazard if they come off.

When dressing your infant, make the clothes fit your baby. Open snaps and stretch necks wide so you can ease your baby’s head through them. Reach through sleeves and legs first to help guide wiggly hands and feet.

Newborn clothes to buy

  • One piece oufits: they are very convenient for sleeping but also for playing. It is interesting to have at least five  in order to avoid doing laundry everyday.
  • Shirts: the best ones are t-shirts  with lace or a lot of neck space so that it slides easily over your child’s head. Having five shirts will be ok.
  • Leggings and pull on pants: look for leggings with stretchy waistbands that fit easily over baby’s diaper and belly and that expand while baby grows. Although many parents prefer one-piece styles that fit into the crotch it is interesting to have separate shirts and leggings to allow parents to change only one piece instead the whole outfit.
  • Sleepers and pajamas: look always for comfortable pajamas that can be get on and off easily. Don’t buy pajamas with complicated snaps. It is important to have at least five because newborns get often dirty.
  • Hat: in summer you will probably need a broad brimmed hat.
  • Socks: while staying at home you will need a lot of socks.

Appart from this items, if you are having your baby on winter you will also have to be prepared and buy the following items:

  • Sweaters: use a sweater or a jacket with buttons at front to warm up your baby. One or two are enough.
  • Snowsuits: you may need a one-piece fleece suit to keep him warm on outings. They’re often hooded and come in many styles. Another option is to avoid bulky snowsuits and slip your baby into a snug, fleece-lined stroller sack
  • Booties:  to keep your baby’s feet warm when you’re out.
  • Hats: soft and warm hat that covers the ears for a winter baby.

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