Luxury bassinet – Snoo smart sleeper

snoo luxury bassinet

This luxury bassinet is perfect for newborns as it automatically responds with increasing levels of white noise and motion to quickly soothe fussing.

The Snoo sack attaches to safety clips that secure baby safely on the back to prevent rolling.

This luxury snoo bassinet is easy to customize with newborn setting and weaning option to transation baby to crib.

This precious bassinet includes three Snoo sacks (S, M and L) hip-safe that are made with 100% organic cotton and a breathable mesh.

It also includes a fitted sheet and a 100% organic cotton mattress.

The dimensions of this luxury bassinet with legs are: 30″L x 16″ W x 32″ H. The weight is 38 lb.

It is recommended to be used until baby is six months old or until baby can get up on hands or knees. The maximum baby weight must be 25 lbs.

There’s a mobile app with convenient controls, daily sleep report and tips.

It is very easy to customize. The app logs your baby’s sleep and lets you adjust motion, sound and cry sensitivity. You can change the starting levels to be faster and louder. You can also change the sensitivity to be more or less responsive to baby’s cries. The app also tracks sleep so parents will be able to see how much their baby sleeps during day and night.

Besides, it also includes a preemie mode and weaning option to ease transition to the crib.

Although this bassinet will avoid some wakes up during the night, the snoo bassinet doesn’t change the fact that you’ll still wake up for midnight feedings. However, it will prevent other wakings because you can let the snoo do the rocking for you during the night.

This is one of the most luxury and modern bassinets that you can find for your baby.

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