Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden and unexplained death, usually while sleeping, of a baby less than a year old. SIDS is also known as cot death or crib death because babies often die in their cots or cribs.

Usually death occurs at night although it can also happen during the day.

The cause of SIDS is still unknown. Researchers believe that occurs when there are a combination of factors such as immature or abnormal functioning of the heart or breathing and baby is exposed to some stressors like sleeping on the stomach or side or on a soft bedding.

Experts have discovered some factors that may put babies at extra risk and they have also proposed some mesures to take to prevent Sudden infant death syndrome.

Risk factors associated with Sudden infant death syndrome

Physical risk factors

  • Brain factors: if baby’s brain hasn’t matured completely, the portion of the brain that controls breathing and arousal from sleep hasn’t matured enough to work properly.
  • Low weight: premature birth or being part of a multiple birth increases the risk of a brain not matured completely so baby has less control over automatic processes such as breathing and heart rate.
  • Respiration infection: many babies who died of SIDS had recently a cold.
  • Boys are more likely to die of SIDS.
  • Age: between the 2nd and 4th month of life babies are more vulnerable.
  • Family: babies with family antecedents have a higher risk.

Environmental risk factors

  • Sleeping on the stomach or side: these positions make more difficult to breathe.
  • Too warm or too cold room temperature.
  • Excessive clothing and bedding and soft sleep surfaces.
  • Bumper pads and stuffed animals are not recommended.
  • Sharing the bed with parent. It’s recommended to sleep in the same room without sharing the bed because there are more soft surfaces to impair breathing.

Parents risk factors

  • Smoke during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Alcohol and drugs also increases the risk of SIDS.
  • SIDS rates are higher when mother is under the age of 20.
  • Short time between pregnancies increase babies’ risk.
  • An inadequate prenatal care.


  • The most important method of preventing SIDS is putting your baby  to sleep on his back. Avoid lying on the stomach and also on the side because on their side can easily end up on their stomach.
  • Make sure there is nothing soft while sleeping that could goes by its face.
  • Breastfeeding may be preventive. It’s recommended for at least six months to low the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Choose a firm mattress and a fitted sheet.
  • Don’t place pillows, toys or something soft next to your baby as this could increase the risk of suffocation.
  • Sleep in the same room as your baby but not in the same bed. If you still decide to sleep in the same bed, use an appropiate co sleeper.
  • Use a pacifier. Sucking on a pacifier may reduce the risk of SIDS but if your baby doesn’t want the pacifier don’t force it. If the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth while sleeping don’t pop it back in.
  • Use an anti-rollover such as:

Tranquilo safe sleep swaddle blanket

The Tranquilo safe sleep swaddle blanket helps your baby sleep safely and you sleep without worry. It is the unique sleep swaddler that comfortably secures your baby on their back during sleep (which is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics).

This blanket reduces risk of rolling over, tummy sleeping and falling or climbing out of the crib.
It is easy to secure to your mattress and baby with velcro and it is ideal for babies with reflux when used in conjunction with a crib wedge

Besides is machine washable and it is made of 100% cotton.

Grumpy cloud portable baby bed anti-roll pillow

The grumpy cloud portable baby bed anti-roll pillow is made for babies between 0 and 24 months. It is made 100% of premium cotton and it is ultra-soft and breathable.

The mattresses maintaining a perfect position by keeping his back and raising his legs, If your child has reflux, abdominal pain or difficulty breathing, tilting provides the best protection due to its inclination of 15% design.

It prevents the flat neck head syndrome with the U shape pillow head support.

The baby lounger simulates the bionic design of the uterus, like sleeping in the mother’s arms.

This little portable bed is lightweight and easy to carry around the house to allow parents have the baby next to them all day.

Besides, it is easy to clean and machine washable. The bumpers and base are easily unzipped and removed and can be washed separately.

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