Baby essentials for the first months

During the first months of a baby is important to stay at home as much as possible to avoid illness. It is also important to avoid visitors with a cold or some kind of illness. You can ask visitors to wash their hands before touching your baby with a hand sanitizer.

Before baby’s birth it is important to purchase all baby essentials. This will allow you to stay at home an focus on taking care of your baby.

Baby’s essentials

Here we offer a list of things that maybe you don’t think to prepare. We think that this items are important during the first months of your little one:

  • Changing pad and a changing pad cover: we think that it is an important item. Tt is recommendable to be comfortable and easy to wash. We recommend the Summer infant 4-sided changing pad because it has all 4 contoured walls and a safety strap to keep baby comfortable and securely on pad. Besides it is durable and easy to clean. We also recommend you the Summer infant ultra plush changing pad cover which is machine washable and warm and comfy to provides comfort for baby during changing








  • Diaper bag: you will need a special bag to carry all your baby’s essentials when you go away from home. Although you can use a regular bag, the best option is to buy a special diaper bag. Diaper’s bag are provided with lots of pockets to organize all your baby essentials. There a lot of good options, you can find all detailed information in the article: Diaper bag – how to find the perfect accessory.
  • Diaper Cream: we recommend  the Weleda diaper care cream as it is composed of natural ingredients and it is very effective.  It has no parabens, phthalatess, synthetic fragances or animal testing. In addition, it has a good smell.
  • Disposable Wipes:  Most parents use them because they are easy to use. The cottonelle freshcare flushable wipes are alcohol free and sewer safe and septic safe.
  • Diaper Pail: it is not an essential but it is interesting to have one because they are very useful. There a lot of kind of diapers pails with different cappacities and different ways to open. We recommend the Dekor Classic hands-free diaper pail but you can find more information about diaper pail here.
  • Burp Cloth: babies usually have loose esophageal sphincters so it is important for parents to have absorbent burp cloths as the Gerber baby Flannel Burp Cloth.
  • Thermometer: Appart from a rectal thermometer you may also need a temporal thermometry like the Exegen temporal artery thermometer. It provides an accurate temperature with a gentle forehead scan. Here you can find our advices to buy an accurate thermometer.
  • Rectal thermometer: As the standard for accurately checking a baby temperature is rectally is important to have a Digital rectal thermometer. When taking an infant’s rectal temperature, clean the tip with rubbing alcohol, then apply a water-based lubricantto the thermometer tip. Lubricant allows the tip to be inserted gently into baby’s rectum; one-half to one inch (1 to 2 centimeters) is sufficient.
  • Nasal aspirator and nasal saline: As babies don’t know how to blow their nose you may need a nasal aspirator to clear out congestion. In addition you will also need a nasal saline, this is a fine mist spray that clears congestion and improves babies breathe.
  • Humidifier: When baby gets a cold having a humidifier can be very helpful for a better sleep. Find more information about humidifiers in our post: Humidifiers – Reasons to buy a humidifier
  • Nail scissors: during the first months a baby can scratch their face with their nails you may need a baby nail scissors.
  • Pacifier: it is important to have some pacifiers as sucking on a pacifier during sleep reduces the risk of SIDS.

Mom’s essentials

Appart from all the essentials, there are some products that moms will need during the first months of their recovery:

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