Canopy or parasol – Baby sun protection

By having a newborn you will enjoy taking him out in the sunshine and walking through the fresh air.  In summer you can also play with him on the beach or just sit in a park or garden. To do all this, you must take care of your baby’s skin and protect him from sunburn and long-term damage caused by the sun’s rays. Using a canopy or parasol will offer protection to your baby in all of this situations.

Only by taking care of his delicate skin you will enjoy the sun safely.

Appart from covering your baby with a hat and clothes, staying in the shade is one of the best ways to protect your baby from sun. Sunscreen offer added protection if you cannot avoid your baby being in the sun.

Attach a canopy or parasol to your baby’s pushchair. A canopy offers more protection than a parasol because parasols need checking and adjusting as you move in and out of the sun. Before buying it make sure that the canopy or parasol fits properly on to your buggy. Moreover, make sure that you can open and close your pushchair easily when it is attached.

Universal stroller sun shade sover

Large shade maker sun shade canopy that offers UV protection rays. Anti-UV windproof awning sunshade for stroller.

Price: -

Adjustable baby stroller cover parasol

Baby stroller umbrella flexible simple bending handle. It can rotate to any direction and it is very easy to adjust its angle, so as to effectively protect the baby from UV damage. Adjustable umbrella folder, you can adjust the umbrella in the holder of the most comfortable position.

Universal fit and very easy to instal. Adjustable mounting clamp easily attaches to the side of most strollers, pram buggies, outdoor tables, walker, chairs and more, no matter where you go, you will be coverd and protected.

Appart from parasols and canopies, it is also important to use a sunshade to protect your baby from sun. If you are going to make a journey in the car you must use one.

Besides, you can also buy a pop-up beach cabana shelter when you are on the beach or in the garden. Cabanas are little tents for babies which fold away for easy carrying. Cabanas come in baby or family sizes. The larger ones can also be play tents and they are useful as changing rooms.

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