Canopy or parasol – Baby sun protection

By having a newborn you will enjoy taking him out in the sunshine and walking through the fresh air.  In summer you can also play with him on the beach or just sit in a park or garden. To do all this, you must take care of your baby’s skin and protect him from sunburn […]

Hat – Baby sun protection

To avoid sun problems your baby should wear a wide brimmed hat that provides good shade to the face, back of the neck, eyes and ears. Wearing hats that shade the eyes will reduce UV radiation to the eyes of your little one by 50%. Although baseball hats look cool, they leave neck and ears […]

Clothing sun protection for babies

For a proper baby clothing sun protection, it is important to cover as much as possible baby’s skin when they are under the sun. The higher the UV protection factor (UPF), the greater the protection the fabric will provide. If possible, choose fabrics that are at least UPF15 (good protection) although it is better to […]

Sunscreen – Baby sun protection

When your baby is younger than six months it is important to keep him out of direct sun, especially when the sun is strongest, between 11 am to 3 pm. When your baby is older you can let him play outside. But try to keep him in the shade if it si possible. Anyway, if […]