Bassinet portability – Reasons to choose portable bassinets

When a couple is expecting their first baby, they usually have no idea  which products need and even if they do, they don’t know the main features they have to look for. Family and friends can help, but maybe they didn’t have the same needs when they chose where their baby was going to sleep.

Bassinets are not a must-have but they are very useful and helpful in many situations like:

  • Your room is not too big and there is no enough space for a crib.
  • You want to keep your baby always near to you. It is important to have him near especially during first months. In this case,  you will need a compact, cozy and comfortable space for your newborn easily to move from room to room.
  • You want to co-sleep with your infant or if you have had a C-Section and you need to have easy access to your baby.
  • You use to travel a lot or you often visit your family or friends.

To help with all this situations it is important to have a bassinet with an easy portability.

In fact, modern bassinets are designed with the function of portability in mind because most parents are frequently travelling or they are out of their home. Portable bassinets are also designed to be easy to break down and to fold up for easy transportation.

Another important fact to choose an easy portable bassinet is if you want to use it as a co-sleeper. Maybe, during the night you would like to have your little one next to you. A bassinet is the best solution to be sure that baby is safe and it is useful if this bassinet features an easy portability. If parents choose a portable bassinet they could easily put the bassinet next to bed at night and use it in other rooms during the day.

According to this, we have choose two bassinets as the best ones due its portability.

We have choose two kind of portable bassinets very different between them but both really convenient in different situations.

Graco pack ‘n play playard bassinet

graco pack and play

We have choose the Graco pack ‘n play playard bassinet as one of the best portable bassinets because it has been designed to be very easy to fold. Besides, when it is folded it becomes very small to carry with the convenient carry bag included. Additionally, it features convenient wheels to move it easily around the house. Wheels included can be locked to provide safety.

The graco pack’n play is the America’s best selling bassinet. It provides a cozy space for for baby wherever you are.

Furthermore, it includes all you will need for your newborn: storage pockets to keep all babies essentials and a toy bar and wheels to move easily.


Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Bassinet

Fold bassinet - portable bassinets

The second bassinet that we have choose as one of the best portable bassinets is the Brica Fold N’ Go Travel bassinet. It is very easy to pack and carry. Besides, it is lightweight so it is really convinient if you travel because you would be sure that your baby is sleeping in a comfortable and safe place everywhere. It is the perfect bassinet for parents who travel very much because it fits in most suitcases.

It is not a bassinet for a regular use, but it is an ideal solution if you need to take it often on trips.



For some parents, a good solution is to buy the two kind of bassinets, one to take it when travelling and one at home. However, parents should decide whether the one they are going to have at home would be useful to be portable or not. If you plan to move it around the house, it would be better for you to choose a portable bassinet.


Product Graco Pack ‘n Play playard
graco pack and play
Brica Fold ‘N Go Travel bassinet
Fold bassinet
Pros Portable, convenient for travel or home 

Durable, safe and sturdy

Great design



Easily fits in suitcases

Cons The changer, though convenient, is not an ideal height Protective barrier lacking 

Risks if pets present

Easy to pack
Conclusion Great value, versatile, portable, safe, sturdy, convenient Portable, inexpensive, not ideal for general use within home but perfect for usual travelers
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