Bassinet size

Bassinet size is an important feature of most bassinets. Especially, bassinets are very useful for parents who have not too much space at their home. Usually bassinets are smaller than cribs so during the first months of a newborn it is useful to have one.

On the other hand, size is also important because it let parents to place the bassinet next to their bed easily. As a result parents can sleep close to their baby safely.

During first months, parents must always be near their baby. For this reason, it is useful to have a cozy space to be placed next to parents bed at night but small enought to be easy to be moved to be easily placed near parents during the day. Maybe, this is the main reason to buy a bassinet for most parents.

As bassinets are smaller, they are easy to move around the house. Besides, they are also easier to move to other houses, friends’ home or grandparents’s home than a crib. Moreover, a bassinet is also useful to take when travelling.

Smaller bassinets

The bassinet size is important when parents intend to use it as a co sleeper, that’s why co sleepers are usually very small. This small size let parents place them between them when sleeping. Moreover, it is useful to buy a small cosleeper to use when travelling with the baby or when visiting family or friends. As they are small bassinets they can be fold up very easy. Besides, they usually include a carrying bag to take on travel.

The swaddle me by your side sleeper (32×14.5×11) is a small cosleeper thought to be placed in parents bed. It is safe because although baby is sleeping in the same bed as parents, he or she has its own space. As most cosleepers like this is very easy to fold up and can be take easily when travelling.

swaddle me co-sleeper

The Chicco lullago travel crib (27x22x36) is a small bassinet with legs. It is easy portable and it is small enough to fit in most small rooms.

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The first years close and secure sleeper (28x16x5.5) is the smallest cosleeper, we don’t recommend and we would choose some of the others cosleepers because the height of the edges is very small. Besides, it features a practica nightlight.

co sleeping bassinetThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Buy_button.png

Finally, the Brica Fold N’ go travel bassinet (30x22x11) is a good cosleeper. It is perfect if parents want to sleep with their baby in the same bed. Besides, it is very easy to take when traveling.

Fold bassinetThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Buy_button.png

Biggest bassinets

The stokke sleepi system is the biggest bassinet we have reviewed. With an extension kid, you can conver it into a crib. It is a good option to buy this bassinet because it grows up with your baby, so you will be able to use it during at least the first 10 years of your infant.

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As the Stokke sleepi system, the Graco pack ‘n play element playard is one of the biggest ones because it is not only useful as a bassinet. It can also be used as a playard.

Graco pack n play

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Finally, one of the biggest bassinet size are the following models of summer infant bassinets. However, they are not as bigger as the previous ones.

The Summer infant classic comfort bassinet offers a cozy space to your baby and also a beautiful design that fits with most rooms designs. It features a canopy and includes a module to provide vibrations and different melodies.

Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet, Fox and Friends

Finally, the Summer infant bentwood bassinet as the previous one, offers a comfortable space to the baby. Besides it includes a module to provide vibration and calming sounds.

Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion

Bassinet size comparison chart

In the next comparison chart, you can find the sizes of all the bassinets (measured in inches):

Product Length Width Height
Monte Design Rockwell Bassinet Modern  33  23 25
Ninna Nanna Bassinet  34 24 28
Babybjorn cradle  21 31 26
Halo bassinet swivel sleeper bassinet  35 19 12
Cariboo classic bassinet 33 23 25
Summer infant bentwood bassinet 41 23 32
Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard bassinet 39.5 28.25 29
Graco Pack ‘n Play Element Playard 40 28.5 33.3
Stokke sleepi system 50 29 34
Babyhome air bassinet 32.5 21 28
Summer infant classic comfort bassinet 34.1 23.1 6.4
Kolcraft cuddle ‘n care 2-in-1 bassinet 35.75 27.5 45.5
Delta children sweet beginning bassinet 35 21 45.5
Chicco lullago travel crib 27 22 36
Badger basket elite oval bassinet 32 25 53
Dream on me lacy portable 2 in 1 bassinet  35.5 21.7 30
Babybay bedside sleeper 36 20 37
Arm’s reach concept co-sleeper bassinet 31 20 34
Swaddle me by your side sleeper 32 14.5 11
The first years close and secure sleeper 28 16 5.5
Brica Fold N’ go travel bassinet 30 22 11

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